Animal Physiotherapy

My Animal Needs Help!

Whether to increase performance, prevent injury, enhance healing or improve quality of life, expert physiotherapy treatment from ACPAT Cat. A Physiotherapists can achieve remarkable results.

Can My Animal Be Treated?

All types of animals are referred by veterinary surgeons for physiotherapy treatment, including professional and working animals, e.g. race horses, show jumpers, greyhounds and domestic pets including cats and dogs. Other animals such as cattle, goats and ducks have been treated successfully with physiotherapy for a variety of problems. You can also ask to see us and we will arrange the vet referral.

Will Physiotherapy Help My Animal?

Our ACPAT Cat. A Physiotherapists assess and treat a wide variety of conditions. Musculo-skeletal injuries in the dog and horse are seen most frequently.

Soft tissue injuries involving muscle and tendon, joint capsule or ligament can all benefit from physiotherapy, if used correctly and at the right time. Physiotherapy can also aid in the rehabilitation process following orthopaedic surgery. Both spinal and peripheral conditions respond well to appropriate treatment.

Treatment in the early stages after injury is most beneficial and therefore prompt referral to the physiotherapist from the veterinary surgeon is recommended. Physiotherapy is not an alternative but often an essential adjunt to conventional veterinary medicine.

What treatments are recommended?

At ASAP, we have treated thousands of clients over the years, with many diverse complaints. Animals that are suffering from soft tissue injuries are treated using the latest physiotherapy techniques, including soft tissue therapy, manual therapy, electrotherapy, manipulation and exercise therapy.

Our staff attend international lectures and presentations and work with physiotherapists worldwide. This ensures we keep abreast of the developing field of animal physiotherapy.

Where can my animal be treated?

Most animals will be treated at your home or stable yard but we do have onsite facilities for inpatient rehabilitation if recommended. We can also visit your veterinary surgeon with their consent.

We are located in the New Forest with good access and parking facilities for cars, horse trailers or lorries.

What do I do now?

Call for a telephone assessment today.

If treatment for your animal is indicated, we will arrange a veterinary referral and help your animal as soon as possible.

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